Why Your Dog Sniffs Your Face?

When you return from a long absence, your dog will be greeting and checking on all aspects of your health. They may also seem curious about something or someone in particular; this could simply be their instincts taking over! But if it’s more than just curiosity – then maybe they’re smelling something interesting?

5 reasons why your dog sniffs your face (every morning)

#1: This is Fido’s morning greeting

The dog’s wolf ancestors would sniff each other when they first met to communicate that both parties were friendly. This practice has been passed down through time until today, where dogs will greet you by placing their nose near yours and possibly giving some light sniffs for good measure! You may notice this type of interaction with other canines as well; it is commonplace among friends who have been bred together since birth or joined later on via adoption.”

Portrait of a German shepherd in a park. Purebred dog

#2: Your pawed baby is excited

Your dog’s eagerness to start a fun morning routine could be the reason why they sniff you. They love routines and will do anything if it is engaging! So, maybe try making breakfast or playing with them to make their days more exciting? 

The best way to know if your dog is excited or not would be by looking at them. If they’re barking, cuddling with their tail wagging back and forth rapidly then you can assume that he’s pretty happy about what just happened at the last minute! As dogs love being close so even though it might seem like a lot of time has passed since those moments where we saw our pup eat something really tasty – don’t worry because this means everything points towards one thing: excitement!”

#3: Your pooch is checking your health

Did you know that your dog’s sniffing may save lives?

A lot of people don’t think about their pets as partners in crime, but they are very helpful. For example, one fur dad shared his story with me about how his Lab pickup truck was diagnosed with throat cancer and he had it removed through surgery!

When the family’s Lab began resting her head on dad’s fur, they thought there must be something wrong with him. But after he was diagnosed and during the treatment when she watched closely over him – this behavior stopped! It seems like their little girl knew what was going on or maybe just wanted to show how much care she has for everyone in our story by showing off all those muscles you know so well from running around outside every day.”

fluffy pomeranian spitz dogs sitting on green grass

Here are the diseases that dogs can detect in humans:

The dogs were able to sniff out infections with accuracy rates of up 94%. 

If your pet has an active sense of smell, they might just be checking on you—not trying in vain for something tasty! It turns out that these canines are pretty talented when it comes to picking Out illness or injury by briefly catching a scent from human infected fluids which train them via 1 week training period using 8 different types. Alongside detecting disease levels close at hand, Fido may also use his keen radar to make sure everything’s going smoothly inside The body by picking up on scent changes that happen with different health problems.”

Heavy sleepers can be woken up by their dogs

A dog’s bark or lick is enough to wake someone who has been sleeping for a long time. If this doesn’t work, the pets will sniff around and see if they need more force to get your attention because something might have happened while you were asleep that caused them distress (such as being left alone).

#4: Your doggo adores your smell

Your dog could be smelling you because your scent is pleasant to their nose. Maybe it just smells like fresh laundry, or maybe after yesterday’s rainstorm where I got mud all over me! But either way, this makes for some great bonding time with our furry friends and those who love them too!”

#5: Your dog is curious 

Canines are naturally curious (just like human children). It’s a sign of a healthy dog. Plus, it improves their well-being

And in the sniffing case, they make use of aroma sense to explore new smells around them and learn more about themselves!

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