Why Your Dog Sits Under Your Desk?

While your dog may seem like an inmate’s den Basement under the desk is just one of many reasons why they sit there. Some dogs like to spend time with you, follow every move that escapes from their sight, or need something materialistic while others can sense when someone’s sick and want company!

5 reasons why your dog sits under your desk

#1: Denning behavior

Other canids build dens to keep their pups safe until they’re ready to join the pack. 

Those are rock caves or holes dug in the ground, and dingoes also use them as storage sites and protection from weather conditions like rainstorms which may be approaching fast—a warning system for when it starts getting too hot/cold outside again! This behavior is observed among foxes but not pet dogs since those aren’t wild ancestors of ours who had this instinctual need fulfilled by creating homes with hiding spots.

Mother Fidos are known for their nesting behavior after giving birth. And they’ll find a safe place that’s usually under something like your desk or behind furniture where it feels familiar, cozy, and secure–a replacement of sorts with all its warmth missing since the pup was born!

#2: Your dog wants to hang out with you

Your dog is a true genius! They know that you mostly spend your day sitting at the table – with eyes fixed on a computer screen. And since it’s not uncommon for humans to do some serious work while they’re home, Fido might only want his human companionship too sometimes (or all ).

What does this mean? It means under-the-desk sleeping isn’t just an extension of being snuggles up against mom or dad when we can’t sleep; rather there are deeper reasons behind why these pups choose such spots as bedsides themselves: dogs enjoy the company(!) as much as we humans do.

A friendly Pomeranian dog with a bossy personality

#3: Hyper attachment

Some people believe that dogs are Velcro because they follow you around and attach themselves to the first person who pays attention, but this isn’t true for all breeds. Whether it’s due to genetics or personality type can vary from dog to dog; however, some common factors include herding instincts which means corgis tend to be very devoted as well!

Who can blame these pups? A study shows that dogs and their humans’ oxytocin (or cuddle hormones) increase after a mutual gaze. As well as physical contact, which is responsible for strengthening bonds between people—and those furry friends need it more than ever!

#4: Your dog feels safe down there

The doggos’ human is seen as their security blanket. And it turns out they respond better to stressful events when with a parent! So maybe your pup has been feeling overwhelmed by too many sensory cues or even just does not want strangers around him? In this case, he might need some alone time so give them space from any distractions for 10 minutes then come back into the room without making much noise – this will allow those feelings of panic to subside before continuing with whatever task was bothering you in the first place.

#5: For comfort

Fido likes to be close by when you’re working so he can feel the warmth of your body. He may find a cool spot under a desk or on top flooring if it’s too warm for him outside, but what matters is that they are cozy in their own home with all its comforts- this includes cats!

Portrait happy emotion husky dog

3 tips on what to do if your dog sits under your desk

#1: Know and respond to the signs

I’m sure you know your Fido so well. But sometimes they do things that might be overlooked because we are too busy with our own lives and agendas, which can make it hard for us to see the signs of hunger or stress in a dog’s behavior!

The most common sign is when he comes closer and butt paws at you–this could mean food (or something else) motivate him; however if there seems like an anxious vibe coming from them then take note: look around their environment before going any further..also consider having them checked out by a vet as some symptoms associated anxiety may appear similar to other health issues.

German Shepherd dog on the forest

#2: Help them cope with anxiety

If your dog is anxious, they’re likely seeking a safe place to hide. Or trying to comfort themselves by staying close with you in the present moment – which can be hard when we have so many worries about what may happen next! So reassuring them through petting or picking up their favorite toy might help at first but overdoing it ( always cuddling) could reinforce this behavior because dogs pay attention more than most people do.

#3: Train them to sit in other places

What’s up, dog? You’re a great buddy and all but I’ve had my fair share of sleeping next to the computer. The cords are death warmed over; there could be wires underneath that desk which would make life unpleasant for both of us if they get pulled off by accident – yuck! So let’s just figure out where you want your doggy bed or rug instead.”

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