Why Your Dog Sits So Close To You?

We all know how much our dogs love us, but did you also realize that they can be very attentive for reasons such as needing attention or wanting security? For example when it’s time to go out on a walk and protect their owner from any possible dangers.

In addition, dogs will often sit close by to receive some form of comfort – whether this means being touched gently with a hand every now or again while talking softly so only the two-legged creature wearables what is going down; having its own space where he feels safe at last after spending hours running around outside playing tag…the list goes on and on.

6 reasons why your dog sits so close to you

#1: It’s in their nature

If your dog follows you around, sleeps next to, or sits close to you then don’t worry. It’s only natural for them to do that! Certain breeds are especially clingy towards their owners- like the Great Dane who doesn’t seem aware of his size and will sit ON YOU ALL THE TIME IF HE CAN get away with it (he likes being right up top).

#2: They think it’s okay to sit with you

Your dog thinks you’re work buddies. 

They’ve snooped in your laptop on more than one occasion, and even when co-workers come over for meetings or events they know how much attention is paid to them because of all the video screens showing what’s going on around here! It seems like nothing can break this bond between pet & human–not even being Bros Together any longer since it used to mean something back then…

Owner is playing with a husky dog in yard

#3: They want your attention

You can see that your dog is trying to get attention from you, but they don’t make any noise. They just silently creep up and sit close now and then hoping for a hint of what’s wrong or needing something else other than food/playtime in order not to be lonely anymore.

Dogs crave attention, and they’ll do anything to get it–including sitting close to you.

#4: You’re their favorite

It’s no surprise that your dog will only sit close to you, as their best friend. They likely feel more comfortable with someone who takes care of them and feeds all those stomach aches!

#5: Dog manipulation

Dogs are masters at manipulation. 

A study conducted by researchers found out that dogs do certain actions and face movements to manipulate their dog parents into giving them what they want – like sitting close or looking sad to receive treats!

#6: They feel secure with you

The mental capacity of a dog is on par with that

of a 2-year-old toddler. They can form strong relationships, be scared easily, and need reassurance when in unfamiliar territory or around new people/ pets within their family unit – just as any human would want from his / her canine companion!

German Shepherd dog face looking nice

5 tips on what to do if your dog sits so close to you

#1: Give them the time of day

If you want to be successful, then it is important for your dog not just to see but also feel like they’re part of the family too. Giving them attention when needed will show how much their human companion cares about what happens in life with only one person present- themselves! Imagine how happy this makes our pets…just knowing that somebody loves having us around even if all eyes are on others?

#2: Make the most out of this habit

Your dog may be sitting close to you because they love and trust you. So make the most out of it, especially if your pup is getting old or sickly! When our pooches go away we will miss all their quirky habits—especially this one where he/she loves being near us all the time.

#3: Encourage them to be alone

What better way to show your pup that they can be independent than by leaving them in a safe room? Place some toys inside and give them about 30 seconds before releasing the door. You’ll see how quickly this makes their heart soar!

When you come back from your trip, give them treats and continue with this training. Make waiting time longer as the days go by so that they learn to be independent in their habits without being too inhibits by sitting close all day long when there’s no one else around but themselves!

#4: Deal with their separation anxiety properly

Your dog could be sitting beside you always because they have separation anxiety. That’s why as much as possible, don’t exaggerate leaving – acting nonchalantly about it will help your pup feel more at ease when his/her fear becomes activated and he needs some time on his own! Hugging them and telling him “I’ll miss ya” or ‘be good’ only makes things worse for both of us; instead try phrases like ‘It’s okay, which is exactly what those words mean: something different than goodbye but still very similar in tone to voice output.

#5: Build Boundaries

Your dog might be taking up too much of your personal space and infringing on the hot spot you’ve set for yourself. To fix this, try giving them “the cold shoulder.” Whenever they sit beside or near to where we are sitting at home (or even if it’s just outside), tell our furry friend firmly but politely that he needs a different seat; one reserved only for his person!

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