Why Your Dog Sits On Your Pillow?

Your dog may feel more at ease with you when they are near your pillow. They could also be seeking comfort from it because of separation anxiety or simply being protective of their owner, in which case this would probably calm them down quickly enough so that nothing bad happens while sitting on what appears to be an object meant for cuddling up against!

4 reasons why your dog sits on your pillow

#1: Your dog finds your bed a secure place

Just like humans, dogs need security and safety. Your dog feels safest when they are close to their human pack member in order not to be alone or unprotected outside of the pair’s haven – YOUR BED!

Your dog may be snuggling up to your pillows, but it’s not because they miss you. Dogs are very good at recognizing the scent of their human parent and will get attached if given something that smells like them—like clothes or bedding (or even just an old shirt). The more often a pup gets interaction with these items while being raised by someone else full time as opposed to living solely among packs of wild dogs its age-classed brothers & sisters would also meet every day; this could lead either to depression/sweet madness–depending on the character.

two German Shepherd Dogs sitting on green grass

#2: Your dog is protective of you

Have you ever noticed how dogs will sometimes try to get physically closer to their owner? This is because they won’t protect them, just as much as human beings crave protection from canine companionship. For example a dog may turn into the guard dog we never knew existed! Or maybe he becomes an active watchdog if his size allows it; always looking out for someone’s safety while simultaneously providing security in return–whether actively seeking trouble or patiently waiting until something happens first!).

#3: Your dog likes the comfort your pillow provides

Dogs are natural nest builders, so it makes sense that they’d want to curl up and go sleep on something soft. And we’ve found out about as much as our furry friends like sitting in your lap while you watch TV at night or snuggle under those covers with them during wintertime nights – sometimes even more than humans!

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