Why Dogs Are Afraid Of The Water Bowl?

Even the most loyal of companions can sense when something is off. Your dog might be experiencing fear at what surfaces it approaches or has had an unpleasant experience with water that’s preventing him from wanting anything else but dry land forever.

3 reasons why your dog is afraid of the water bowl (all of a sudden)

#1: They’re scared of the sound it makes

The reason your dog is afraid of water bowls has nothing to do with how it looks or sounds. The gurgling noise from the dispenser, like bubbles in an automatic sink, can be enough to spook them if they are not used often enough.

The sound of bubbles is just too confusing for your pup. That’s why they’re scared.

Pomeranian run in grass field

#2: Your dog has neck or back pain

These are some of the signs your dog might be experiencing pain. Dr. Kate Mueller, a veterinarian and animal behaviorist at Colorado State University, explains that if you notice any one or more symptoms above, it’s best to take them in for professional care as soon as possible.

#3: It’s an eyesight problem

“It’s baffling how my senior dog suddenly became afraid of the water bowl.” You tell your partner. 

Your pup might be starting to have eyesight problems, and they’re having trouble knowing what certain things are since their vision isn’t perfect anymore because it’s getting harder for them to see properly, like when we feed our babies solids or put on clothes inside-out so take times out from those events by giving Fido an assist. According2002 PetMD, “These common disorders affect most dogs at some point in life – even young puppies who will eventually learn basic commands but still need help navigating around objects easily.”

What do you do when your dog is afraid of the water bowl? 3 tips

#1: Put ice cubes in their water

My dog Lissa is afraid of drinking from the water bowl. They even tip it over as a sign of protest.

But I have an easy trick for you—put ice cubes in her drink so that she has no choice but to take sips, cold or warm (depending on what temperature your home’s thermostat reads).

Not only will this keep your dog hydrated, but they’ll be less scared of their bowls because it contains cold water that’s just right for them.

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#2: Give them a less reflective bowl

Give your pup the perfect drink by giving them a water fountain, which will provide moving streams of pure H2O. This way, they won’t have to deal with reflection problems anymore.

#3: Have them checked by a vet

If your dog is avoiding its water bowl, it could be because of an eye problem. Or they may have neck and back pains related to injury or age-related symptoms that need treatment from a vet just as much as any other illness would require care by human doctors.

Your furry friend’s safety depends on how well you consider them when providing everything they need for life-including what’s inside their body.

3 scenarios of dogs being afraid of the water bowl

#1: My rescue dog is afraid of the water bowl

Stray dogs may get scared to drink water from their faucet or tub because they drank rainwater before being rescued. They’re still trying to adjust and fit into this new environment, so it’s normal for them to be afraid of something that seems unfamiliar, like open waters such as rivers, streams, etc.

Fighting with other dogs for resources like food and water is common among strays. So if they avoid their bowl, it could be because the dog fears your other canine companions will try to take advantage of them or fight over drinking spots (which often happens).

2) To resolve this issue—and make your rescue pooch get acclimated better.- provide them a slightly wider spot: an outside enclosure where no others are around. This gives them enough space without feeling threatened by any interactions between the fellow, pets-especially those who may not know what else to do besides rivalry over limited supplies such as fresh water.

lonely Pomeranian dog is waiting for someone to open the door


To ensure your dog stays hydrated, place a water bowl for them indoors and outdoors. So that they can drink wherever or whenever their little hearts desire; if you notice any patterns with which location seems most popular among Fido friends, then be sure to refill those spots first before anyone else does because we don’t want our furry friend running dry just yet – no matter how much fun playing in the rain might seem when there are other options available outside (like fountains).

#2: My dog is afraid of the (new) water dispenser/automatic water bowl

Positive reinforcement will help your dog drink with its new automatic water bowl.

To do this, encourage them by giving treats when they drink from it and praise them with a high-pitched tone of voice for being good at drinking out of the dispenser.

If you want to spoil them just a little bit more than usual, give some belly rubs while giving positive words (like “good boy”) well-it’s not hard if we put our minds into action together.

#3: My dog is scared of water bowl bubbles

“Water dispensers are scary.” Dogs don’t attend science classes, so they have no idea how these things work. When water comes out of the spout and hits your dog’s tongue, air goes inside their container- producing bubbles.

In all honesty, you dogs think that someone else is behind those monster-looking masks waiting to take them whenever they drink any liquids at home (or even outdoors). But what can we do? There isn’t an answer unless our furry friends learn more about hydraulics through exploration and observation on their own.

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