Why Your Dog Stares At You When You Eat?

Siberian Husky puppy outdoors

Your dog will stare at you while eating for many reasons, such as they’re begging for food or feeling hungry. They may also do so if the person feeding them has just finished dining and is waiting expectantly before taking another bite themselves; this behavior can be seen in dogs who have no training boundaries … Read more

Why Your Dog Suddenly Smells Like Fish?

Give me five -Puppy pressing his paw against a Girl hand

The dog’s rear end may be emitting an unpleasant odor due to anal sac disease. Anal Sac problems can result in impaction, infection, or abscesses that lead cause strong fishy odors from the area- if left untreated surgery might become necessary for relief! 5 surprising reasons why your dog suddenly smells like fish (when scared) … Read more

Why Your Dog’s Farts Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Side portrait of a magnificent husky

The combination of protein-rich foods like meat and eggs with cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli leads to bad gas. That’s because they contain sulfur which gives off an odor when broken down by bacteria in your pet’s gut! Even health conditions can cause stinky farts, including inflammatory bowel disease or diabetes mellitus type 2 – … Read more

Why Dogs Are Afraid Of The Water Bowl?

Nutrition for Chihuahua Dogs in real life

Even the most loyal of companions can sense when something is off. Your dog might be experiencing fear at what surfaces it approaches or has had an unpleasant experience with water that’s preventing him from wanting anything else but dry land forever. 3 reasons why your dog is afraid of the water bowl (all of … Read more

Why Dogs Can’t Eat Apple Jacks?

Portrait happy emotion husky dog

Giving your dog Apple Jacks as a reward or intentional meal could be dangerous. The sugar in these snacks is not good for canines, and some chemicals will make them sick if eaten too much, so you should avoid giving this breakfast treat at all costs. 5 reasons why dogs can’t eat Apple Jacks #1: … Read more

Why Dogs Can’t Eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Welsh Corgi Pembroke puppy at home

Giving your dog some Cinnamon Toast Crunch might be tempting because it’s delicious and sweet, but you should know that this cereal doesn’t contain any nutritional value. In addition, too much sugar can affect their mood or behavior. 6 reasons why dogs can’t eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch #1: Your dog’s mood will be affected  The … Read more

Why Dogs Can’t Eat Corn Chips?

Winter portrait two Siberian husky dogs against the blue sky

There are many reasons why dogs can’t eat corn chips. First of all, it’s high in sodium which can be harmful to them, and also contains additives like preservatives, so you should never feed your pup those. Dogs who have allergies to this ingredient may experience symptoms when consuming a lot or regularly eating these … Read more

Why Dogs Can’t Eat Frosted Flakes?

Welsh Corgi puppy in the grass

The high sugar content in Frosted Flakes is bad for your dog. It also contains salt and harmful preservatives, so it’s not worth giving them any of this unhealthy cereal. 5 reasons why dogs can’t eat Frosted Flakes #1: High sugar content The first problem with Frosted Flakes is that it has too much sugar. … Read more

Why Dogs Can’t Eat Lay’s Chips?

Little fluffy pomeranian dog in the sofa

Lay’s chips are bad for your dog because they contain excessive salt, which will be detrimental to their health. Even if the taste is good in this bag, there’s no way it’ll do any favors towards helping your pooch. 5 reasons why dogs can’t eat Lay’s chips #1: The different flavors create different effects Potatoes … Read more