Why Does My Dog Always Look Sad?

Corgi dog outdoors in the grass

Why does my dog always look sad? Your dog may look sad because that’s just how they are. If you have a PUG, Bloodhound, or any other breed that always seems to be in the same state of mind, it’s going to seem like the expression never changes. They could, however, learn this behavior from … Read more

Why does my dog bark when I arrive home?

Welsh Corgi Pembroke dog is resting on the green lawn

Why does my dog bark when I arrive home? Knowing why your dog barks when you arrive home can help you understand their behavior. They might be excited to see you, confused about who or what is approaching them because of separation anxiety from being away for so long (especially if there were recent events), … Read more

Why Does My Dog Cower?

Couple of Welsh Corgi Pembroke

Why does my dog cower? You might think your dog has a personality, but they come with all sorts of characters. Some dogs are naturally skittish, and others enjoy being cuddled or loved by everyone in the family. Take time during their puppyhood to socialize them properly, so you don’t pick one type over another- … Read more

Why Does My Dog Drool In The Car?

Portrait happy emotion husky dog

Why does my dog drool in the car? A dog doesn’t go for rides too often can make them feel uneasy. You may prevent this common issue by ensuring that their stomach is empty before driving the vehicle and giving your frequent pup breaks during long trips to avoid becoming carsick or overly excited while … Read more

Why Does My Dog Fart So Much And Stink?

Siberian Husky dog black and white colour with blue eyes in winter

Why does my dog fart so much and stink? The Stench of a farting dog can be weary-inducing, especially if you live with one. You might think it’s because they overeat or drink their malfunctioning enzymes. The truth is probably more complicated than that, though—in some cases, dogs will become flatulent due to an underlying … Read more

Why Does My Dog Hate Me?

portrait of a german shepherd dog with a flower

Why does my dog hate me? The list of reasons your dog might resist you is almost endless. They could have been woken up abruptly, touched their food, or been scared by another animal while they were sleeping – even just wearing clothes that don’t match what’s in style can set off an emotional reaction … Read more

Why Does My Dog Have 9 Nipples?

Little fluffy pomeranian dog in the park

Why does my dog have 9 nipples? The number of canine nipples is usually closely related to the number in human females. For example, most women have two, whereas dogs can potentially deliver up to six or more offspring at once. A quick story: My Mom and I went to the villa this summer, but … Read more

Why Does My Dog Jump On Me While Walking?

Portrait happy emotion husky dog

Why does my dog jump on me while walking? Dogs are known for being attention seekers, so it’s not surprising that they might jump on you when given the opportunity. Your pup might be anxious or frustrated with what’s happening around them and want an immediate fix by getting your entire focus, just like how … Read more