Why Your Husky Attacks You?

Husky dog lies on a grass on a summer day

The husky is known for being a playful and excitable breed of dog. However, this can lead them to attack without any warning signs or reason behind it! You might have had your best intentions when getting the pup but if they are unable to learn proper bite inhibition then you’ll need some help in … Read more

Why Your Husky Breathes So Fast?

Siberian Husky dog black and white colour with blue eyes in winter

The breath of your Husky could be due to several reasons. It could mean that he or she needs more oxygen after playing hard, depending on the type and severity your pet may have certain health conditions such as heart problems which cause them To breathe faster than normal to maintain optimum vital capacity while … Read more

Why Your Husky Doesn’t (Like To) Cuddle?

white siberian husky puppy en grass

Some of the most common reasons why your Husky doesn’t want to cuddle with you are based on their breed’s temperament, trauma, or health issues. Other possible causes include age-old fears from being raised by humans without any canine companionship at all; physical injuries sustained during training that have caused pain reinforcement until it becomes … Read more

Why Your Husky Eats Dirt?

Cute fluffy husky dog in the yard

The Husky may eat dirt if it’s boring, stressed or they inherited the trait. They also like to smell food in plants and enjoy tasting soil which could be why you’ve noticed them doing so often lately! If your dog always goes after rural adventures then I’m sorry but there’s no turning back now- their … Read more

Why Your Husky Eats His Fur?

Beautiful Siberian Husky dog with blue and brown eyes

Why does my Husky eat his fur? If you have a husky, then it’s likely that your pup has had some experience with fur-eating. This is because they are known to eat their hair when anxious or stressed out! Skin problems like allergies and infections can cause him/her to do so too–parasites might even make … Read more

Why Your Husky Eats Rocks?

Siberian husky is sitting on the tree in spring forest

Your pup might be eating rocks because they are feeling hungry, stressed, or having an emotional moment. They could also have pica which is a mental condition that causes people to eat non-food items such as dirt and metal! 11 reasons why your Husky eats rocks #1: Your Husky likes the taste If your dog … Read more

Why Your Husky Eats Socks?

A Siberian Husky with one blue eye stands in the water

Huskies are known for eating their owner’s socks, but there is more than one reason why they do so. Some people find that huskies will eat anything including paper and shoes if given enough time; while others believe it to be because of Pica (the unnatural craving). Others think the dog likes smelling/licking your feet … Read more

Why Your Husky Is Restless At Night?

Siberian Husky dog black and white colour with blue eyes in winter

Huskies are known for being active and restless, but it’s not always due to old age or illness. Some causes of this behavior include arthritis pain that disrupts their sleep pattern; gum disease-causing discomfort when eating soft food like chocolate cake (yum); lack-of workout routines which lead them into wanderlust mode where all they want … Read more

Why Your Husky Is Sad?

A blue-eyed husky dog on the snow in sunny spring forest

Huskies are known for their intelligence, curiosity, and independent nature. If they don’t get enough exercise or if you change your routine without consulting them first-the chance is there that this will make them sad! A lack of playtime can lead to depression while diet problems may result in anxiety issues – all of which … Read more