When Do Corgis Stop Growing?

corgi dog sitting on a log

These adorable little dogs will stop growing when they’re about 1 year old. However, you can further develop their muscles by keeping them fit and healthy with enough exercise or a steady diet. If that’s not enough for your corgi-lover heart desires, then know this: it means they could become more slender at 3 – … Read more

Why Corgis Are The Best?

Corgi Pembroke dog stand with their tongues

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is among the most intelligent breeds on earth, ranking 26th outrank. The Pembroke Corgi comes in at 11th place with its intelligence level. Why are Corgis the worst? The Corgi is a high-maintenance breed of dog, and because they are prone to physical traumas, their owners need to take care during … Read more

Why Corgis Bark (A Lot)?

red dog welsh corgi pembroke for a walk in summer

The Corgi is much like the Miniature Australian Shepherd in that it barks often. However, this breed’s bark tends to be louder and more intimidating than most other canines because they were initially bred as herding dogs who used their voices for communication purposes with farm animals (and still do). How do I get my … Read more

Why Corgis Sploot?

a Welsh corgi puppy with a basket of flowers on the streets

What is a Corgi sploot? The term “Corgi sploot” came from the popular Instagram trend where people post photos of themselves laying on their stomachs with one hind leg tucked under them and the other straight out. The name is clever because it sounds like something that these adorable dogs would do. As it turns … Read more

Do Corgis Have Tails?

Corgi Pembroke puppy on sea coast

Do Corgis have tails? Corgis have two types of breeds- those with natural bobcats and those whose tails were docked by breeders or vets after birth. Most people are unaware that there’s even an option for what type your puppy might be. The most important thing to know is that both varieties come in many … Read more

Do Corgis Like To Cuddle?

Corgi outdoor cute and funny

Do Corgis like to cuddle?  Corgis are well-known as a cuddly and loving dog breed. They enjoy snuggling up with their owners to show love, or on cold days they might do it just for warmth. Do Corgis like to be held? It’s important to know that corgis like being held. They want you to … Read more

Are Corgis Herding Dogs?

corgi pembroke dog walking nicely on a leash

Are Corgis herding dogs? The Corgi is a herding dog that has been used in Wales to guide farm animals across fields as early as 1200 BCE. Their small legs and long build provide them with agility, which they use when chasing after prey or ducks at the sight of one coming in their direction. … Read more

Are Corgis Smart?

Welsh corgi puppy with a basket of flowers on the streets

Are Corgis smart? Corgis are a very intelligent breed of dog and are known for their obedience and trainability. They are also bred for herding and are known for their instincts in this area. Corgis are very responsive to their owners and quick learners, making them excellent companions. Corgis are bright, clever dogs that can … Read more