How To Keep Your Husky Cool?

portrait cute puppy of Siberian husky sitting on the grass in autumn

How to keep your Husky fantastic (in summer / at night)? Keeping your husky cool in the summer is essential. If you don’t want them to suffer heatstroke, ensure they are hydrated and have access to shady areas with plenty of water or ice cubes for their drinks. How to keep your Husky cool outside? … Read more

5 Stages Of Dog Decomposition

Winter portrait two Siberian husky dogs against the blue sky

How long does it take for a dog to decompose above ground? The more a dog decomposes above ground, the faster it will be. In an average climate (with good weather), this can usually happen within 3-6 months after death. If the dog is left in an environment with extreme heat or cold, this process … Read more

How To Calm A Sexually Excited Dog?

two German Shepherd Dogs sitting on green grass

How to calm a sexually excited dog? You can do some things to help your dog stay calm when they are sexually excited. You can give them stimulation, attention, or emotional support (depending on what kind). You can also create a “safe spot” where other dogs cannot get to them. This will help keep them … Read more

Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?

Are Chihuahuas cute

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? The Adam’s Apple is a great indicator of health during examinations. It can be felt in dogs, regardless if they’re male or female, and it’s an important part of speech production since sound comes from there! What are Adam’s apples for? Adam’s apple protects the voice box or vocal cords. … Read more

Are Chihuahuas Dangerous?

Chihuahua dog in the park

Are Chihuahuas dangerous? Chihuahuas are not aggressive animals by nature. They can develop bad habits through carelessness, lack of training, or mistreatment, but it is very easy to make your Chihuahua well-behaved if you follow these steps:  -Praise him when he does something right -Force yourself into social situations where other people might hire for … Read more

Are Chihuahuas From Mexico?

Mini black beige white chihuahua

Are Chihuahuas from Mexico? The Chihuahua breed of dog has been around for quite some time now, and its origin remains a mystery. Some say that they come from Mexico, while others suggest Texas as their place to hail; however, there are too many coincidences between both names which makes sense if you think about … Read more