Why Your Dog Sits Under Your Desk?

Beautiful Siberian Husky dog with blue eyes in the forest

While your dog may seem like an inmate’s den Basement under the desk is just one of many reasons why they sit there. Some dogs like to spend time with you, follow every move that escapes from their sight, or need something materialistic while others can sense when someone’s sick and want company! 5 reasons … Read more

Why Your Dog Sleeps At Your Feet?

Siberian Husky puppy outdoors

Your dog has been sleeping by your feet since they were a pup because it’s part of their natural personality. They do this to show that you’re safe and sound, which often leads to other displays such as cuddling or playing with toys alongside you while laying down in bed at night! 5 reasons why … Read more

Why Your Dog Sleeps Between Your Legs?

Pomeranian Spitz lies on the grass

We all know that dogs love to cuddle up with their owners and sleep. But if yours always sleeps between your legs, you might be wondering why! The answer lies in canine behavior patterns of protection or security which can sometimes manifest as power struggles over territory- especially when they’re puppies learning about the world … Read more

Why Your Dog Sleeps By Your Head?

corgi standing a skateboard

Your dog sleeps by your head to feel secure and protect you from anxiety or behavioral issues, in some cases. Your furry friend may also want a pillow because the room is too cold for them; they might be clingy when missing their litter box (or another spot); there could even exist an affectionate side … Read more

Why Your Dog Sleeps Downstairs?

Pomeranian with bisnessman

The perfect place for your pet might not be the same as their natural habitat. You may have seen them sleeping on a sofa or in an armchair, but it’s because they’re seeking comfort and security from recent events that occur around you! Your furry friend could simply want some privacy while undergoing growth pains … Read more

Why Your Dog Sleeps In Another Room?

happy pomeranian spitz dog chasing a falling leaf outdoors

There are many reasons why your dog might sleep in another room. Your pet could be feeling sick or anxious, and they need to protect something from the glare of daylight (or other predators). They may also prefer having their own space away from you while going about business as usual on days when it’s … Read more

Why Your Dog Sleeps In Your Spot?

Cute fluffy husky dog in the yard

Whatever the case, your dog will always feel comfortable sleeping with you. You may have noticed that they sleep in their favorite spot and this is because dogs are very loyal creatures who want to be around people as much as possible! 5 intriguing reasons why your dog sleeps in your spot #1: It’s pre-warmed … Read more

Why Your Dog Sleeps On Your Clothes?

Parti Tan Blue Merle Pomeranian Dog Puppy Pomeranian Animal Pet

Your dog sleeps on your clothes because they love to nestle in warm and soft things, don’t like their bed (it’s too hard), and are spreading that odor due to resource guarding. It might also help with separation issues if you sniff them now and again when he/she gets anxious; this will calm the animal … Read more