Are Chihuahuas Affectionate? How Chihuahuas Show Affection?

Chihuahuas are the most loving, cuddly dogs in this world. They will follow you around everywhere and be there for everything that goes wrong with their little wagging tails.

They are the best snuggle buddies and will ensure that you never have a single dull moment. If you’re looking for an affectionate dog breed, then a Chihuahua is the way.

How do Chihuahuas show affection?

Chihuahuas are known for their affectionate nature. They enjoy sighing and yawning, which means they love you deeply, maybe too much.

The same can be said about stealing anything with your scent on it. They just want to spend time near what smells like us humans because of how attracted they seem to be by these things in general.

When a Chi falls gaze upon someone’s life energy or soul? Well, that increases his oxytocin levels too. So he feels happy and bonding with this person who has caused such an effect within himself through physical contact alone.

6 ways Chihuahuas show affection

1: Nosing

Chihuahuas Nosing

Interesting fact: Dogs use every part of their body to communicate their feelings. From the tip of one’s tail right down into its paws, each behavior is an indication that something, in particular, might be going on with you, pup-whether it is playfulness or concern.

The way they nudge against you while sitting next to them for hours on end could mean anything from “I want more attention than this cute little kitty cat” up to “your food dish seems empty.”

2: Lifting their eyebrows

Chihuahuas Lifting their eyebrows

It turns out that you can tell how much affection your dog feels by the way they lift their eyebrows. Dogs displaying themselves as happy, healthy animals will arch those brows upward in display for all to see, while others may not show any expression at all if demeanor leads them so instead, though there is some evidence suggesting otherwise.

This study found that dogs show facial laterality when reunited with their owners. The most interesting part is that? They move the left eyebrow more often than the right. Your pup may be telling you something special by lifting on one side of his face.

It could mean he’s showing affection or just excited to see someone familiar like mommy again after being away from her for some time (which would make sense because Chihuahuas are known as “the happiest” category).

3: Stealing your clothes

Chihuahuas clothes

Have you ever tried to take something away from your Chihuahua only for them not to give it back?

In some cases, this can be not very pleasant. Especially if the person is tired after work and needs their favorite toy or sock right now. But in reality, there might be more going on here than just playful sniffs around town looking tasty, smelling good as usual.

Our little friends care deeply about how we feel, even though most people don’t think pets do anything besides eating food off plates and sleeping all day (which are both important parts of life, by the way).

4: Eye contact

Chihuahuas Eye contact

Dogs have this power too. One look from your Chihuahua, and you’re in love. They can make us somersault with joy just by their eyes, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Their gaze releases hormones that help form a bond between humans and dogs (and maybe even other animals). Studies show how mutual staring leads moms and babies to release oxytocin during each Other’s gazes, which causes them to feel closer emotionally, even if they were miles apart at first glance.

The researchers found that when people look into their pets’ eyes, they experience an increased feeling of love and attachment.

The study was done by Takefumi Kikusui from Japan’s university Kawasaki Gakuin. He wanted to know if mutual gazing between humans could produce similar effects on levels of oxytocin as it does in dogs.

Research has shown that this behavior leads dogs towards producing more evidence for caregiving roles played by animals through bonding behaviors such as licking faces or allowing selves up next onto chests while embracing.

The researchers observed 30 owners and their dogs. They also invited some people with wolves as pets to see if any of them acquired the loop. It might be that these canines have picked up on humans’ oxytocin levels via co-existing for so long together.

The team took urine samples from both parties before an experiment began: This allowed them to measure how much Christina factors (as mentioned above) were present in each sample; one such factor being lengthier gazing periods between partners during interaction sessions which are thought to cause increases of oxytocin.

Dogs make people happy. When you look at your dog, their oxytocin levels rise by 300%. This happens because dogs give people a reason to look at them and spend time with them.

5: Sighing and yawning

Chihuahuas yawning

When you notice your Chihuahua sighing and yawning next to them, it may not just be because they are bored.

Consider how lucky we all feel when our pets show empathy for others- even if it’s only by showing signs of contentment or relief after a long day at work.

6: Licking

Chihuahuas Licking

Licking is a dog’s favorite way to show love and affection, so when they lick you, it’s always to please their human.

It turns out that this licking behavior releases oxytocin in both the dog and the person they are licking, which further strengthens the bond between them.

So next time your Chihuahua licks you, just know that they are trying to tell you how much they love you.


Chihuahuas are one of the most affectionate dog breeds, and they show their love in many different ways. From eye contact and sighing to licking and yawning, these little dogs greatly impact our lives and our hearts. If you’re lucky enough to have a Chihuahua in your life, cherish every moment.

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