Why Your Dog Sits Far Away From You?

Lapdog pomeranian spitz walking on leash with his owner

Your dog is showing you their trust by sitting far away from them. They might be unsure about what it means when they see that mix of signals, so maybe take a step back and give yourself some time before making any decisions. It’s also possible your pet feels anxious or suffers from pain – … Read more

Why Your Dog Sits In Another Room?

Orange Pomeranian plays with a rope on the green grass

You can use products like lavender to help your dog feel more at home. You should also consider getting rid of any household objects that might be in their way or make them uncomfortable, such as furniture with sharp edges and noisy appliances; these will only irritate an already sensitive animal! 4 reasons why your … Read more

Why Your Dog Sits In Front Of You?

Siberian Husky dog digging ground and sniffing

Your dog is a furry little package of personality, and they want to share it with you. They’ll sit in front of their humanity so that he/she can pay attention or give affection; this also shows trust between two people (or pet + owner). The more relaxed your pup gets around the better chance there … Read more

Why Your Dog Sits In The Corner?

Welsh Corgi puppy in the grass

There are many reasons why your dog might be sitting in the corner. They could just have winter blues, feel anxious or depressed about something they’re investigating, and not want to share with you what it is that’s making them so sad; perhaps an old age Joint Pain that makes moving around difficult? Maybe dementia … Read more

Why Your Dog Sits On Your Chest?

Little fluffy pomeranian dog in the sofa

If you’re lucky enough to have a pup that sits on your chest, then they need something from you or are guarding their snuggles. Sometimes dogs see humans as valuable property and want the protection of being close by so we can’t get away – but sometimes all these pups just want attention! 4 reasons … Read more

Why Your Dog Sits On Your Lap?

Siberian husky dog with blue eyes stands and looks ahead

The dog will do anything for a pat, to feel loved and secure. The best way of knowing what your pup is thinking or trying to say? They’re not talking; it’s just basic canine empathy! 5 reasons why your dog sits on your lap #1: To cheer you up On most days, you might be … Read more

Why Your Dog Sits On Your Pillow?

Pretty Pomeranian

Your dog may feel more at ease with you when they are near your pillow. They could also be seeking comfort from it because of separation anxiety or simply being protective of their owner, in which case this would probably calm them down quickly enough so that nothing bad happens while sitting on what appears … Read more

Why Your Dog Sits So Close To You?

happy white pomeranian spitz dog walking outdoors

We all know how much our dogs love us, but did you also realize that they can be very attentive for reasons such as needing attention or wanting security? For example when it’s time to go out on a walk and protect their owner from any possible dangers. In addition, dogs will often sit close … Read more