Why Dogs Sniff Their Own Bums?

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Dogs sniffing their behind can be an indication of pain, stress, or curiosity. It could also mean that they are looking for any signs o Fart! 4 reasons why dogs sniff their bum #1: Blocked anal sacs “I’m sorry, my butt! My dogs have anal sacs that contain fishy smells. It might be because they’re … Read more

Why Dogs Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night?

Siberian husky is sitting on the tree in spring forest

Your dog has many reasons to wake up in the middle of the night. pent-up energy, strange noises, and scents can all cause separation anxiety as well as toilet breaks or hunger sensations if left unchecked by you! Sleep disorders such as obstructive pulmonary disease (or “blue Period”) might also result from itchy skin due … Read more

Why Dogs Suddenly Scratch The Carpet?

a Welsh corgi puppy with a basket of flowers on the streets

The dog’s scratching can be a sign of boredom, attention-seeking behavior, or anxiety. It may also mean that your pup is anxious about something in the house such as an upcoming change for example; he/she could be marking territory with urine (or another scent) because it feels protective to do so when there are no … Read more

Why Female Dogs Hump Stuffed Animals?

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It’s been said that female dogs hump stuffed animals because they’re so happy, sending out play signals. Over-aroused and lonely are just two of the many reasons this happens to them! They can also do it due to comfort level issues or skin allergies/irritation in some cases – but most often than not we see … Read more

Why Huskies Are Always Hungry?

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Lastly, you might be experiencing a senior husky or still have a puppy in your pack. When they are hungry all the time it can mean one thing: there’s something wrong with them! Others could suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes and hyperthyroidism which cause an increased appetite but sometimes these just happen because … Read more

Why Is My Dog Acting Weird?

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If you think your dog is acting weird, there could be any number of reasons. Maybe they’re suffering from a health issue or physical injury and need treatment? Or maybe it’s just because the animal has been exposed to something unusual in its environment like loud noises lately which stress them out! Either way, I’ve … Read more

Why Is My Dog Sniffing The Air And Looking Up?

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Whether they’re investigating the air, looking up at something interesting happening nearby, or just taking a break from all that walking around – your dog will always have one thing on their mind. The input states “they might also suffer from OCD” but what does this mean? It sounds like many different types of mental … Read more

Why Is My Dog So Dumb?

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A dog’s intelligence is often a misconception due to their independence, aloofness, or stubbornness. Some people think that an animal with these traits is “dumb,” but this isn’t true at all! 4 reasons why your dog is so dumb/stupid #1: Dogs that belong in the ‘less intelligent’ breed groups Professor Stanley Coren, of the University … Read more

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Afraid Of Me?

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Your dog is afraid of you because they feel like their actions have earned them a punishment. This could be scolding, hitting, or force-based discipline which often leads to stress and anxiety in dogs as well as fearfulness towards humans who use these techniques with our pets! Think about how sometimes an accident happens without … Read more